We are...

We are a group of friends from since young (about 10 years ago) who always wanted to have his own company, having independence and own project. We consider that in each project the dialogue, innovation, precision and accountability are key items.


In 5 years be present in the minds of Colombians as a company of innovation and technological development.


Position the company in the field of national technology being recognized for the excellent services that we provide and for the team of IEO.

Our Team

  • Carlos Zuluaga

  • Jaiver Maya

  • Jhon Jairo Mira


Corporate Values

  • Innovation
    We found a way to make an introduction of new products and services, new processes, new sources of supply and changes in business organization, continuously, customer-oriented, consumer or user.
  • Commitment
    In each of our projects always become aware of the importance of complying with the development of their work within the stipulated time limit to you.
  • Sincerity
    It is our virtue of sincerity that leads us to show us how we are and tell the truth at all times .. what is right or wrong done.
  • Human Quality
    A team that not only want to do the project with quality, but also to be a friend on the other side of the project, eventually form a bond of communication, friendship with the "client" will finally be over IEO another partner.
  • Cooperation
    We found a work point and fellowship, our ideal is to share, bring awareness in work environments of clients and friends to get to know our way of cooperating with our projects, and demonstrate that it is not just a project, it is also the way we work in IEO.