Privacy Policy

This application collects some personal data of its users.

Responsible for Data Processing and Owner


Types of Data Collected

Among the kinds of personal data that this application collects, either directly or through third, found: Cookie, Usage Data, Name, Last name and Email.

Other Personal Data collected can be described in other sections of this privacy policy or specific explanatory text contextually shown at the time of the collection of such data.
Personal Data may be provided by the user voluntarily, owell be collected automatically when using this Application.
Except indicating opposite, the use of Cookies – or other tracking means – for this Applicationor by the owners of third party services used by this application, aims at identifying users and record your preferences, for the sole purpose to provide the service requested by the user.
User’s refusal to provide some personal data may preclude to this application the provision of their services.

The user assumes responsibility for personal data third published or shared through this application and declares that it has the right to communicate or publicly disseminate, releasing the data controller of all responsibility.

Modality and place of treatment of the data collected

Treatment modalities

The responsible treatment will treat the data users adequately and will adopt appropriate safety measures parto prevent access, revelation, disturbance or unauthorized destruction of data.
They can access to data processors, such as, employees involved in the treatment or external contractors providing services the person responsible for treatment, external providers of technical services, couriers, “hosting providers”, computer companies, communication agencies. May be requested the person responsible for treatment at any time an updated list of such persons.


Data will be treated headquarters of the responsible treatment, except specified opposite in another section of this document.

Retention period

The data will be processed for the time necessary to provide the service requested by the user, or required according for the purposes described in this document, and the user will have at all times the right to request the termination of its treatment or cancellation of the data.

Purpose of treatment data collected

The user data are collected to allow the provision of the services of the application, and for the following purposes: Statistics, Interaction with social networks and external platforms and contact the user.

The personal data used for each order are described in the specific sections of this document.

Detailed information of the treatment of personal data

Personal data are collected for the following purposes and using the following services:

  • Contact the user

    Contact form (This application)

    When filling the contact form with your data, the user authorizes to this application to use said data to respond to requests of information, budgeting or any other type that is indicated in the heading of the form.

    Personal data collected: Lats name, Email, Different types of data and name.


  • Statistics

    The services contained in this section allows the owner to monitor and analyze web traffic and can be used to track user behavior.

    Google Analytics (Google)

    Google Analytics is a web analytics service provided by Google Inc. (“Google”). Google uses the data collected to track and examine the use of this application, to prepare reports on its activities and shared with other Google services.
    Google can be used data collected to contextualize and customize ads of its own advertising network.

    Personal data collected: Cookie and usage data.

    Place of treatment: EE.UU. – Privacy Policy

  • Interaction with social networks and external platforms

    These services allow to interact with social networks or other external platforms directly from the pages of this application.
    Interactions and information obtained for this application always will be subject to the user’s privacy settings in each social network.
    In case of that service is installed allowing interaction with social network, is possible although the users do not use the service, it collects data of relative web traffic the pages on which they are installed.

    Button “I like” and widgets Facebook’s social (Facebook)

    The button “I like” and the widgets Facebook’s social are interaction services with social network Facebook, provided by Facebook Inc.

    Personal data collected: Cookie and usage data.

    Place of treatment: EE.UU. – Privacy Policy

    Button Tweet and widgets Twitter’s social (Twitter)

    The button Tweet and the widgets Twitter’s social re interaction services with social network Twitter, provided by Twitter Inc.

    Personal data collected: Cookie and usage data.

    Place of treatment: EE.UU. – Privacy Policy

Additional information on data collection and its treatment

Legal Defense

User’s personal data may be used for legal defense of the owner at trial or preliminary stages prior to a possible offense arising misuse by the user of this applications or related services.

Additional information about user’s personal data

In addition to the information contained in this privacy policy, this application will may provide the user contextual information to specific services or the collection and treatment of personal data.

System and Maintenance Log

For reasons related to the operation and maintenance, this application and any other services of third are used will may pick up a system Log, namely, files that record the interactions and which may contain personal data, such as, user IP address.

Information not contained in this privacy policy

May be requested at any time for additional information on the collection and treatment of personal data to the person responsible for treatment using their contact details.

Test of rights by the holders of the Data

The holders to which refer the Personal Data are entitled to obtain at any time confirmation that these have been stored by the person responsible of Treatment, to know its contents and origin, to verify its accuracy or request that they be completed, canceled, updated or corrected, to be anonymous or to which the personal data block are being treated in violation of the laws, and to oppose their treatment for any lawful reason. The requests will should be refered at the person responsible using the contact details indicated previously.

Modification of this privacy policy

The person resposible is reserves the right dto modify this privacy policy at any time notifying to users through this page. It is strongly recommended to check this page frequently,
catching as reference the date of the last modification inidicated at the end. In case that a user is disagree with some of the changes made to this policy, the user must cease use of this application and will may request to the person resposible of treatment to remove your personal data. Except indicating opposite, current privacy policy at each moment will be application to all personal data that to person rsponsible of treatment have collected until then.

Information about this privacy policy

The person responsible is responsible of this privacy policy, that has been issued from the modules provided por Iubenda and stored on servers Iubenda.

Definitions and legal references

Personal Data (or data)

Constitutes personal data any informationto an individual, identified or identifiable, even indirectly, by reference any other information, including a personal identification number.

Use Data

Los datos personales recogidos de forma automática por esta Aplicación (o por servicios de terceros utilizados por esta Aplicación), que podrán incluir: las direcciones IP o nombres de dominio de los ordenadores utilizados por el Usuario que se conecte a esta Aplicación, las direcciones URI (Uniform Resource Identifier), la hora de la solicitud, el método utilizado para realizar la solicitud al servidor, las dimensiones del archivo obtenido en respuesta, el código numérico indicando el estado de la respuesta del servidor (resultado satisfactorio, error, etc…), el país de origen, las características del navegador y del sistema operativo utilizados por el visitante, las diversas coordenadas temporales de la visita (por ejemplo, el tiempo de permanencia en cada una de las páginas) y los detalles relativos al itinerario seguido dentro de la Aplicación, con especial referencia a la secuencia de páginas consultadas, a los parámetros relativos al sistema operativo y al entorno informático del Usuario.


El individuo que utiliza esta Aplicación, que debe coincidir con el Titular de los Datos o bien haber sido autorizado por éste y cuyos Datos Personales son objeto de tratamiento.

Titular de los Datos

La persona física o jurídica a la que se refieren los Datos Personales.

Encargado del Tratamiento

La persona física, jurídica, administración pública o cualquier otra institución, asociación u organización autorizada por el Responsable de Tratamiento a tratar los Datos Personales de conformidad con esta política de privacidad.

Responsable de Tratamiento (o Propietario)

La persona física, jurídica, administración pública o cualquier otra institución, asociación u organización con la facultad, incluso solidariamente con otro Responsable de Tratamiento, de tomar decisiones relativas a la finalidad, los métodos de tratamiento de los Datos Personales y los medios utilizados, incluyendo las medidas de seguridad relativas al funcionamiento y el uso de esta Aplicación. A menos que se especifique lo contrario, el Responsable de Tratamiento es el Propietario de esta Aplicación.

Esta Aplicación

La herramienta de hardware o software mediante la cual se han recogidos los Datos Personales del Usuario.


Pequeña unidad de datos almacenada en el dispositivo del Usuario.

Información legal

Aviso a los Usuarios europeos: la presente declaración de privacidad ha sido redactada en cumplimiento de las obligaciones previstas en el Art. 10 de la Directiva 95/46/CE, y de acuerdo con las disposiciones de la Directiva 2002/58/CE, modificada por la Directiva 2009/136/CE, en materia de Cookies.

Esta política de privacidad se refiere únicamente a esta Aplicación.